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Johnny’s Memoirs – George Jones

“I was in Nashville for some reason (1964) and George Jones was doing a lot of my songs right then in his albums. George had a tour coming up and he wanted me to go with him for some reason, so shoot, I just hopped on the bus and went right along with him. Went up into Illinois, and Ohio, snow on the ground and I believe he and Dale Reeves were on the show and some more groups, at this one place. Continue reading “Johnny’s Memoirs – George Jones” »

Johnny’s Memoirs – Patsy Cline, Claude King, Jimmy Martin

Webb used to sing that old song “Drifting Texas Sand”,  you know that stuff would be here one day and be across the canal the next day. But that’s how life was, I still would like to figure it out, but I knew the rope was getting shorter.  I still never stopped to dream it was coming showdown time be very soon. Continue reading “Johnny’s Memoirs – Patsy Cline, Claude King, Jimmy Martin” »

Johnny’s Memoirs – A Multi-Million Seller…for $15! (“Am I That Easy To Forget”)

Now let me go back to songs for a minute, you know I never had much encouragement in my musical years, not even from my immediate family, nobody really encouraged me. I got one brother, my youngest, I think was a fan and still is, Billy.   Continue reading “Johnny’s Memoirs – A Multi-Million Seller…for $15! (“Am I That Easy To Forget”)” »

Johnny’s Memoirs – Roger Miller and “Please Talk To My Heart”

There’s Roger Miller, he was a good friend. I know he came one day and we was all boozing it up in the motel. He’d sing one of his and I’d sing one of mine. Continue reading “Johnny’s Memoirs – Roger Miller and “Please Talk To My Heart”” »

Johnny’s Memoirs – Odd Jobs

“And I didn’t spend all that time in music, I had odd jobs, I mean I liked to eat then, just like I like to eat now, and sometimes I had to work. I was doing some landscaping. It must have been somewhere along 58, somewhere like that, I remember sitting in that old tractor, getting a stiff neck from looking behind me, looking to see what I was doing. Continue reading “Johnny’s Memoirs – Odd Jobs” »