Never-Before-Released Masters Part of The New Country Johnny Mathis Issue

Franklin, TN – Oct 8, 2013: ‘Classic Country Music, Vol. 1′ by Country Johnny Mathis is the first in a series of master recordings being released that will hit major digital and retail outlets Oct 15, 2013. This first offering will contain some recordings that were never before released after being recorded 50 years ago. Country Johnny Mathis was an American singer/songwriter with many notable contributions to Country Music, Rockabilly and Bluegrass including having 9 Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees record his songs.

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Johnny’s Memoirs – A Multi-Million Seller…for $15!

Now let me go back to songs for a minute, you know I never had much encouragement in my musical years, not even from my immediate family, nobody really encouraged me. I got one brother, my youngest, I think was a fan and still is, Billy.   Continue reading “Johnny’s Memoirs – A Multi-Million Seller…for $15!” »

Johnny’s Memoirs – Odd Jobs

“And I didn’t spend all that time in music, I had odd jobs, I mean I liked to eat then, just like I like to eat now, and sometimes I had to work. I was doing some landscaping. It must have been somewhere along 58, somewhere like that, I remember sitting in that old tractor, getting a stiff neck from looking behind me, looking to see what I was doing. Continue reading “Johnny’s Memoirs – Odd Jobs” »