Country Johnny Mathis began his career as a recording artist on the StarTalent label in 1949. He would go on to record for a number of record labels during his music career including Chess, Columbia, D Records, Mercury, Decca, United Artists, Little Darlin’, Hilltop, Stonegate and many others. As part of the duo, Jimmy and Johnny and as a soloist, Mathis was present during the height of the Louisiana Hayride’s making of stars, including Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, George Jones and many others. A side note to Mathis’ career as an artist is that he recorded several Rockabilly sides for D Records under the name of Les Cole & The Echoes, the most notable of these being “Bee-Bopping Daddy”.

The following is a partial list of singles from Mathis’ recordings:


Country Johnny Mathis Single Release

Star-Talent 1949
Before You Call / Tell Me Why

J-B 1500
Me For You And You For Me / Contented

J-B 1502
Dream World / My Heart Lights Up

Columbia 1957
You’re My Baby with Johnny Horton
This is the flip side of Johnny Horton’s “Lover’s Rock”

Chess 195?
Lonely Night / I’ve Been Known To Cry

D Records 195?
Lonely Night / I’ve Been Known To Cry

Mercury/Starday 1957
You Don’t Care / Moonlight Magic

Mercury 1958
One Life / Harbor Of Love

D Records 1959
From A Kiss To The Blues / Since I Said Goodbye to Love

D Records
Run Please Run / I Don’t Know How I Can Live

D Records
The Chances Are / Come On In

D Records
Tears and Gold / Caryl Chessman

D Records
Only Time Will Tell / When I Came Thru Town

United Artists  1961
Thinking Too Far Behind / Wouldn’t That Be Something

United Artists 1961
I’ve Been Known To Cry / Lonely Night

United Artists  1962
Every Road Must Have A Turn / I’m Still In Love With Kay

United Artists 1963
Please Talk To My Heart (*Top 15) / Let’s Go Home

United Artists 1964
If I Could Keep You Off My Mind / Love Gone Wrong

United Artists 697   1965
Little Girl/Was It You

My Carolina Sunshine Girl / Welcome Home

Little Darlin’ 1966
Black Sheep / Something In Your World

Little Darlin’ 196?
Sugar Thief / I Could Never Forget Your Love

Little Darlin’ 196?
Heart Needs A Home / No Place To Go

Little Darlin’ 196?
A Big Ole Heart Full Of Love / Take Your Heart And Go

Little Darlin’ 196?
I’ll Cry When I Call / I’ll cry when I call your name

Little Darlin’ 196?
Sweet Rita / Bring Back My Life

Little Darlin’ 196?
Come Home To My Heart

Tell Me How A Winner Feels / Make Me One More Memory   (with The Florida Boys singing backup.)

Everywhere I Go / Country Music Keeps On Growing

World 197?
Smile God Loves You

World 197?
Mama Take A Bow

Jimmy And Johnny Single Releases

Feature 1953
If You Don’t, Somebody Else Will/ I’m Beginning To Remember

Capitol 1954
Don’t Forget To Remember (J & J) / Open For Trade(Jimmy Lee)

Chess  1954
I’m Beginning To Remember / If You Don’t, Somebody Else Will
(re-recording of Feature single) (*Top 3, singled 1954)

Chess  1954
Can’t You, Won’t You / The Fun Is Over
(A-side mistitled as “Can’t You – Want You” on some copies)

Decca  1956
Sweet Singing Daddy / Trust Me

Decca  1956
Till The End Of The World / Another Man’s Name

Here Comes My Baby / Don’t Give Me That Look

Decca  1957
Whatcha Doin’ To Me / I’ll Do It Every Time

Sparton  1958
I Can’t Find The Doorknob / Keep Telling Me (Canadian pressing)

D Records1958
I Can’t Find The Doorknob / Keep Telling Me

D Records1959
My Little Baby / All I Need Is Time

TNT 1961
Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You / Two Empty Arms

Republic  1961
Knock On Wood / Let Me Be The One
(Liner notes of Chess Rockabilly album say that they recorded for Republic)

Wyncote 1966
Keep Telling Me (Possible re-issue of D Record single.)
(Wyncote was a subsidiary of Cameo-Parkway)