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Country Johnny Mathis began his career as a recording artist on the StarTalent label in 1949. He would go on to record for a number of record labels during his music career including Chess, D Records, Mercury, Decca, United Artists, Little Darlin’, Hilltop, Stonegate and many others. As part of the duo, Jimmy and Johnny and as a soloist, Mathis was present during the height of the Louisiana Hayride’s making of stars, taking the stage with Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Johnny Horton, Webb Pierce, Patsy Cline, Faron Young, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and many others. He performed on many of the now historic stages of Country Music including The Louisiana Hayride and the Grand Old Opry.

Time is the true test of talent and Johnny’s voice and talent is still being recognized today.  His recordings are being used in film, television and commercials.

Popular music journalist and author, Colin Escott, described Johnny’s voice in The Complete D Singles Collection, Volume 1 (Bear Family Records), “He had an edge, there was almost menacing quality about his voice that seemed just barely reined in (referring to Johnny’s D Record recordings) that should have made him a major star …”

Eddie Noack, fellow Hayride performer and D Records label mate said of Johnny what many others have said, “He really was, in my opinion, one of the finest talents and writers … “

The following is a partial list of singles from Mathis’ recordings:


Country Johnny Mathis Discography of Singles

Star-Talent 1949
Before You Call / Tell Me Why

J-B 1500
Me For You And You For Me / Contented

J-B 1502
Dream World / My Heart Lights Up

Columbia 1957
You’re My Baby with Johnny Horton
This is the flip side of Johnny Horton’s “Lover’s Rock”

Chess 195?
Lonely Night / I’ve Been Known To Cry

D Records 195?
Lonely Night / I’ve Been Known To Cry

Mercury/Starday 1957
You Don’t Care / Moonlight Magic

Mercury 1958
One Life / Harbor Of Love

D Records 1959
From A Kiss To The Blues / Since I Said Goodbye to Love

D Records
Run Please Run / I Don’t Know How I Can Live

D Records
The Chances Are / Come On In

D Records
Tears and Gold / Caryl Chessman

D Records
Only Time Will Tell / When I Came Thru Town

United Artists  1961
Thinking Too Far Behind / Wouldn’t That Be Something

United Artists 1961
I’ve Been Known To Cry / Lonely Night

United Artists  1962
Every Road Must Have A Turn / I’m Still In Love With Kay

United Artists 1963
Please Talk To My Heart (*Top 15) / Let’s Go Home

United Artists 1964
If I Could Keep You Off My Mind / Love Gone Wrong

United Artists 697   1965
Little Girl/Was It You

My Carolina Sunshine Girl / Welcome Home

Little Darlin’ 1966
Black Sheep / Something In Your World

Little Darlin’ 196?
Sugar Thief / I Could Never Forget Your Love

Little Darlin’ 196?
Heart Needs A Home / No Place To Go

Little Darlin’ 196?
A Big Ole Heart Full Of Love / Take Your Heart And Go

Little Darlin’ 196?
I’ll Cry When I Call / I’ll cry when I call your name

Little Darlin’ 196?
Sweet Rita / Bring Back My Life

Little Darlin’ 196?
Come Home To My Heart

Tell Me How A Winner Feels / Make Me One More Memory   (with The Florida Boys singing backup.)

Everywhere I Go / Country Music Keeps On Growing

World 197?
Smile God Loves You

World 197?
Mama Take A Bow

Jimmy And Johnny Single Releases

Feature 1953
If You Don’t, Somebody Else Will/ I’m Beginning To Remember

Capitol 1954
Don’t Forget To Remember (J & J) / Open For Trade(Jimmy Lee)

Chess  1954
I’m Beginning To Remember / If You Don’t, Somebody Else Will
(re-recording of Feature single) (*Top 3, singled 1954)

Chess  1954
Can’t You, Won’t You / The Fun Is Over
(A-side mistitled as “Can’t You – Want You” on some copies)

Decca  1956
Sweet Singing Daddy / Trust Me

Decca  1956
Till The End Of The World / Another Man’s Name

Here Comes My Baby / Don’t Give Me That Look

Decca  1957
Whatcha Doin’ To Me / I’ll Do It Every Time

Sparton  1958
I Can’t Find The Doorknob / Keep Telling Me (Canadian pressing)

D Records1958
I Can’t Find The Doorknob / Keep Telling Me

D Records1959
My Little Baby / All I Need Is Time

TNT 1961
Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You / Two Empty Arms

Republic  1961
Knock On Wood / Let Me Be The One
(Liner notes of Chess Rockabilly album say that they recorded for Republic)

Wyncote 1966
Keep Telling Me (Possible re-issue of D Record single.)
(Wyncote was a subsidiary of Cameo-Parkway)

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